The annual Amu festival of the people of Avatime in the Volta Region has been re-launched on Thursday after 20 years to expose the tourism and agricultural potential of the traditional area.

The well-endowed locality has been neglected for quiet long and the revamp of the festival is aimed at bringing it into the spotlight.

Avatime traditional area made up of Vane, Amedzofe, Biakpa, Dzogbefeme, Gbadzeme, Fume, Dzokpe and Bunya Tave with its mountainous landscapes houses the country’s highest point, Mount Gemi, and Amedzofe, the highest human settlement in Ghana.

It is also blessed with beautiful waterfalls, other historical structures and an unpredictable weather pattern. “The weather here changes every five minutes,” a renowned journalist in the area said.

Amu (local name for brown rice), is common and unique to the locality as they tout its nutritional benefits to nursing mother and sick persons. A lot of dishes can be prepared from the rice.

Clad in their traditional regalia, both the old and young natives of the locality flooded the durbar ground at Vane, the seat of the paramount chief for the launch of the festival.