Dear Sir,


I have observed with dismay the recent happenings at the central committee of which you are a part of; avoidable anomalies with regard to my interdiction that could spell the doom of our great party.

You might not be directly behind the veil of the machination but in the final analysis, it is your ox that will be gored. This phenomenon is a consummation devoutly not to be wished for, especially when you are a torch bearer of the party. All those CC members aiding to stop this natural justice will not be with you when the history books write about your failure.

It should not be in history that Dr. Abu Sakara failed to make 1% in an election because he could not right an avoidable wrong that is being perpetuated by a group of cabal on an innocent young, energetic and vibrant youth of this party.

I am reliably informed that on the 12th of June, 2012, the disciplinary committee presented their report to the central committee and among its recommendation is that I am reinstated to my position as the National Youth Organizer of the party; a position not only fought tirelessly to ascend but given to me by the Almighty God. The central committee because of their parochial interest threw the report away on flimsy excuses. A report chaired by no less a person than the former chairman of this great party Professor E.N. Delle.

Sir, you know the central committee’s decision to interdict me was not base on any evidence adduced against me. Also, it contravenes article 81 clause 6 of our constitution which states that “The proposal for the removal of a National officer holder shall be given in the form of a notice, one month prior to the meeting.

A copy of the said notice shall be served on the affected person, who shall be entitled to a hearing at the Central Committee or the National Executive Council as the case may be. Any such person shall be referred to the disciplinary committee for appropriate action in conformity with Articles 111 & 112 of this constitution”. Nonetheless I subjected myself to the disciplinary processes. It took the party after 3 month of constant reminder and agitation to be simply invited to the disciplinary committee.

After eight (8) month of interdiction, the disciplinary committee comes out with a report and the party is not ready to accept the findings of the report? What happens to the maxim “justice delayed is justice denied”? If the party cannot follow this simple democratic principle, why should they be voted to power to rule over more than 49% of Ghanaians who might not vote for them? Is this the transparency and honesty you preached? What happened to conscience? Have we lost it because of this small boy? Whatever hidden motive the party is harboring cannot be executed without repercussions.

Sir, in my cocoon, I can run the gauntlet, I am only satisfying my conscience by at least giving you a red light. As our elders say “we can only finish eating but cannot finish talking”. The rest of what I want to say is in your mind and I know you understand.

Finally Sir, if you meet Samia Nkrumah one of these days, tell her the Angel of Justice and vengeance will visit Jomoro come December 7. Adios!