So we're in October. September 2015 will forever be remembered as Anas Month, but as you know, the saga is by no means over.

The Chief Justice and the Judicial Council Committee continue with their investigation into the conduct of the judges caught in Anas' infamous investigation, after a High Court ruled this week that those judges seeking to suggest that the committee was unconstitutional don't have a clue what they're talking about.

Now, I'm curious about something: why have none of the judges been arrested so far? The video is in the public domain, their acts of corruption are clearly depicted in this video, and the judicial council has initiated action against them, which means they have a prima fascie case against them. So what exactly are the police and the attorney general waiting for? Anas has even gone as far as to petition the IGP! But still, no arrests. Why?

If my neighbour reported me for stealing a goat, the police wouldn't need to see a video. They certainly wouldn't need a petition to the IGP. All they would need is a few cedis for "transport", and they would seek me, find me, arrest me, lock me up and investigate later. So why do the judges get to walk free? Can they not be kept behind bars while the investigations – both administrative and criminal – continue? Where does it say that the administrative enquiry must conclude before criminal action is taken? If we consider some of these judges to be suicide risks, then can we not conceive that some of them might also be flight risks?

Anyway, other things have been happening this week. The Black Queens went to the Africa Games and brought back Gold in football for Ghana. We were all so proud of them. Gold medals! Best in Africa! As you can well imagine, a soccer-loving nation like Ghana was eternally grateful to our sporting heroines, right? Wrong.

First the Government failed to pay their allowances for all the qualifying games they played to get to the tournament. Then the Government promised them GHC5000 each if they won. That was first reduced to GHC2000 each, and then reduced to zero each, when the triumphant Queens came home, only to be told that there is no money to pay them their insultingly reduced winning bonuses. The Queens decided not to bend over and take it with a smile yet again, so they vowed not to leave the M-Plaza hotel where they were encamped on their return, until somebody paid their bonuses.

For days, nothing was done, as the hotel bills piled up, until the OPIG©®™ (Only Person In Government), President Mahama ordered from New York that the Queens be paid GHC5000 each. He also promised to come and personally discuss the payment of their remaining arrears with them.

Question: why does the OPIG©®™ have to give an order from another country before the right thing is done? What is he paying all these ministers for? And some of them have two deputies! That's three V8s, driving around, waiting for the President to call and tell them what to do. And the President clearly knows they can't do the jobs he's appointed them to do, because, he's asking the Queens to wait for him to come home and personally arrange the arrears payments. Waa look.

Anyway, what else happened this week? Some people went and burnt down some agbala man's house in Akooko because he wouldn't attend a meeting with the Chief. The mystical brodda was having a party at the time, and some of his guests were packing heat, so naturally, it all turned into the Wild West. People – including cops – were shot, and three were killed.

Then there was the most abominable act of abuse I'd heard in a long time. Little baby Samuel, an adorable two-year-old was left in the care of two of his father's friends, who have systematically tortured this sweet little boy on a daily basis, slapping and caning him at the least provocation, until one day, little Samuel came home after committing the fatal error of accepting food from a neighbour. For this crime, the evil couple – who have three kids of their own – burned the baby's hand with a hot iron. They then left the wound to fester for over a week, until his fingers started to fall off before they took him to hospital.

Baby Samuel has now lost all five fingers. This story moved me so much that I had to go to Kumasi myself and find out how humans could do this to a child. Today, I'll bring you all the sordid details of what I found in Kumasi.

My name is Kojo Yankson, and it's been a week of Anas, Arrears, Attacks and Abominable Acts of Abuse.