Apex Human Consult in Partnership with GIZ (Ghanaian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration) have launched a program geared towards equipping fresh graduates and final year university students with soft skills to improve employability and entrepreneurship. 

Lead Consultant at Apex Human Consult, MBernard Tawiah said, “Apex Human Consult has always been committed to human capital development, through our partnership with GIZ we are well-positioned to take our commitment to the next level. The Skills Tour seeks to bridge the divide that has left employers concerned about the quality of graduates.”

He added that “the workshops will also unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of participants. The entrepreneurship sessions will empower participants with the right tools to go into private enterprise, creating opportunities for themselves and others.”

Apex Human Consult and GIZ launch 'Skills Tour'

The workshop is open to recent graduates, national service persons and final year university students across 13 University campuses.

Each campus will host a maximum of 100 participants for two days. Apex Human Consult has enlisted assistance from Human Resource firms, Scholarship agencies, business coaches that will be facilitating sessions on employability skills, entrepreneurship, and post-graduate scholarships.

As part of the workshop, each participant will receive 1-1 mentorship with the facilitators. Participants will benefit from employability and competency skills, bespoke career guidance, entrepreneurship coaching, internship opportunities and scholarships. 

Touching on the project timelines, the project lead, Jonathan Ayertey, said “The first training session will start on January 28 at the University of Cape Coast. Subsequent sessions will rotate throughout the upcoming weeks on different campuses till May 2022.”

Apex Human Consult and GIZ launch 'Skills Tour'

He also added “The goal is to get participants ready to enter the workforce whether they are starting out, or just picking up new skills. The workshops will also help in reducing the high graduate unemployment rates in the country by creating viable business ventures as some start-ups will receive seed funds from Brich hub. The workshop will also be held in Takoradi, Koforidua, Ho, Accra, Kumasi, Sunyani, Tamale, Navrongo and Bolgatanga.”

Key partners in this year’s workshops include GIZ, Ravens Consulting Gh (Family Business Consultancy), Brich Hub, ACCA, PropelED, Best Education Service and the Ghana National Service Personnel Association (NASPA). 

Apex Human Consult, organisers of the What I Wish I Knew (WIWIK) Conference and the Skills Tour, is a human capital development organisation working with the youth and corporate institutions to maximize their potential. The WIWIK conference has impacted over 10,000 undergraduate students in the last 6 years. 

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