President Museveni has criticised humanity courses at universities as useless, saying graduates from such departments can hardly solve anything to steer national development.

Speaking during the launch of a Shs5 billion modern laboratory at Ndejje University in Luweero District on Friday, the President said higher institutions of learning should refocus their attention to teaching science subjects.

“You ask these arts students what they can solve and they tell you, ‘for us we only think.’ Think about what?” he asked.

He advised private universities to teach courses that impart life skills and science in line with the country’s increasing need for professionals in the oil industry.

“It is unfortunate that many universities continue teaching very useless courses at degree level rendering their graduates jobless after graduation.

You find many of these people putting on big academic gowns but have no solutions to many of the country’s challenges. These people have nothing to help us because they offered useless courses,” Mr Museveni said.

He said Ndejje’s vision of venturing into science education through establishing laboratories for the science related courses is a big milestone which fits in Vision 2040.

“The universities which I helped to start, including Mbarara University of Science and Technology which have stuck to my advice of only teaching the relevant courses are doing well,” the President said.

He said courses like Development Studies can be taught as papers under other courses. 
Mr Museveni urged humanities graduates to seek slots in the army, police and prisons services.

“Those who did psychology can for instance go and counsel prisoners at Luzira.”

According to the President, Ndejje University which has invested in science laboratories that taste road construction material is a good vision by the administrators.

“I have a big problem with people working at the Works laboratories at Kireka. These people give false results to meet their selfish ends yet they are supposed to help us check 


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