The Minister of Information, Stephen Asamoah Boateng, has denied reports that government has a hand in the delayed announcement of fuel price reviews.

Analysts have been anticipating an upward adjustment in fuel prices following the rising cost of crude oil on the world market but that has not happened, raising concerns about a deliberate government connivance with the regular body.

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has been blamed for the delay with reports of a planned delay to perhaps factor into its programmes how government would deal with the price increases which is putting pressure on the economy.

Speaking to Joy News, Mr Boateng said a committee has been set to develop a programme to handle the issue. He however failed to give options available to the committee.

Mr Boateng denied any government discussion with the NPA over the announcement of new fuel prices, but expressed conviction that the regulatory body had taken the right decision.

An official at the NPA, Nii Larbi, in a separate interview with Joy News confirmed his organisation had been holding on with the new prices of fuel giving reason of a possible disruption in the event of a government intervention.

Meanwhile, Information Minister, Stephen Asamoah Boateng, has reacted to a suggestion by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) for an equitable tax system which caters properly for luxury goods.

Mr Boateng said government is already initiating moves to widen the tax net, informing its decision to introduce the “Talk Time Tax.”

Under the tax system which was given Presidential assent in April, six per cent of the charge for the use of communication services will go into government coffers as tax.