The District Chief Executive of Atiwa in the Eastern Region is appealing to teachers of basic schools to return to the class room after they went on strike in protest of bouts of defecation in their classrooms.

Emmanuel Atta Twum told Joy News strike is not the best prescription to the problem, insisting, “it is the kids who will suffer.”

The teachers, mostly from new Jejeti, Anyinam, Nkwanta and other communities in the district had complained severally to the chiefs and other stake holders in the community about the constant defecation in the class room but nothing was done about it.

In the latest case of the repulsive defecation, the drinking pot filled with water for the students was turned into public latrine with the perpetrators defecating into the pot.

They were also said to have defecated in desks of teachers.

That was the last straw from the teachers who announced they will not attend classes anymore until a lasting solution is found.

Emmanuel Atta Twum said he sympathized with the teachers and students but appealed to the teachers to rescind their decision, as authorities work towards finding a solution to the problem.

He said the District is unable to provide security to the schools because there were only four police men in the district.

He said even though the police have begun investigations, “they have not arrested anybody yet.”

Twum indicated that they also encouraging community policing to solve the problem.

One of the teachers told Joy FM they will return to the class room on Thursday, hoping, their brief strike will send a strong signal to the authorities to come to their aid.

He said if the situation persists they will take sterner action.


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