Presidential spokesperson Mahama Ayariga has rejected suggestions that President Mills is dissatisfied with the performance of some of his ministers.

Discussions about the performance of some of the President’s ministers have taken centre stage, after Prof. Mills told journalists in the Central Region that he is aware that some of his ministers have failed to live up to expectation, even though he added that this has been the result of certain constraints.

The Presidential spokesperson stated the president had rejected suggestions for a ministerial reshuffle.

Mr Ayariga, who was speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Monday, said the President has a good reason for sticking with the current team.

Mr. Ayariga also dismissed criticisms about the President’s information management team.

“But as president he is admitting that his information dissemination and communication apparatus might not necessary be perfect. He is admitting that he is working on it and trying to make sure that it achieves the desired goals which basically to him is the goal of ensuring that whatever policies and programmes we disseminate is able to get to the people so that they can understand us better in terms of what we are doing, how we are doing it to be able to participate in the process,” Mr Ayariga stated.

“I do not think that this is a clear indictment [on] his information machinery.”

The President believes that his commitments to Ghanaians will be fulfilled when he completes his four year mandate, Mr. Ayariga indicated.

A management consultant with IMANI, a management think-tank, Kofi Bentil, has however said the President’s statement suggested the performance of the ruling team was not up to scratch and required immediate reshuffle.

Mr Bentil however maintained that any changes in the current administration is at the discretion of the president, insisting, a reshuffle is long overdue.

Play attached audio for excerpts of Mr Ayariga’s comments