Wedding night. Hahaha. I’ve been laughing about this ever since I thought of sharing this topic with you; not for any special reason though. And I must confess that it’s also a bit uncomfortable as well for me talking about it. Do you really make a  big deal out of this whole ‘special night’? Is it something that crosses your mind as a yet-to-be married person and was it on your mind before the Pastor or whoever was in charge of that ceremony said you’re now a man and a wife?

Did I bring you memories? Hang on. You’re about to experience more. I’ve been speaking with a few interesting individuals and I truly felt like sharing their expectations and what actually happened that night with you. After all, what are friends for? Let’s enjoy our conversation today.

I will start with Mrs Opuni. She met her lovely husband at a restaurant. She says she was very lonely that day so she decided to spend some time at the public place. Well, her wedding night was not so special. And this is how she puts it; ‘Bea, I must be frank with you. It wasn’t so much of a spectacular night and if you ask me why I will simply tell you that there was nothing new. I met my husband in April 2007 and we married in 2011.

Let’s be real. How could we have waited for this day before we could satisfy our needs? It wasn’t even something he would have allowed… And to be honest, it was difficult for me too… on that day we just went about doing our own thing. But the conversation that was dominant was the fact that we had finally decided to spend the rest of our lives together under one roof which I thought and still believe is the best choice for us.

For Kusi, it was all so special. He married Asantewaa a year and a half after meeting her. Asantewaa comes from a strict home where no unmarried girl was expected to engage in sex so she would not allow him. Day after day it was a struggle. Then the day gradually came in. Kusi says he didn’t marry her because he was waiting for that but because in his view, she was a marriage material; decent, caring, loving, good attitude and hardworking.

So to cut a long story short, he says it was a memorable one. He did not meet all his expectations because he expected her to have at least learnt more about sex. Well, the rest is history. But overall, it was still a great and a memorable one because it was the first time he was ‘knowing’ his wife – you know like the way Abraham ‘knew’ Sarah.   

But there were some whose nights were full of fights and stress. Huh! I can’t imagine that….from why did you invite these numbers of people to why did you treat me like that before everyone in the name of “you’re my wife and this is our wedding day?” And then the ones about “I told you the cook was not good enough” and the why your family members had this poor attitude, to  “you made us spend so much on this wedding when we could have invested in buying a property”.

Oh and don’t forget those who chose to spend theirs at home but the special and familiar guest Dumsor(light out)  was in their midst. Hahaha. “Mr Abban said it was all candles”. Unfortunately, the dumsor was so unexpected that time, they couldn’t plan in getting colourful candles for that special night.

Asor is unmarried and tells me she’s got wild expectations like Kusi had. But whatever way your story is, just ensure this day is indeed one of the most memorable experiences of your marriage life. Try not to complicate things.

And oh; in case you’re asking for my opinion, sorry. I don’t have one here.

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