The technical team of the national under-23 team has settled on 20 players capable of winning a medal at next month’s All Africa Games in Maputo.

The Black Meteors squad, made up of entirely locally based players, are in South Africa to finalize preparations for their Group B opener against Senegal on September 5.

The squad is made up of 80 percent of the team that helped Ghana seal qualification to the Games. Trusted goalkeeping trio Joseph Addo, Daniel Adjei and Collins Addo were listed.

Berekum Chelsea pair Edward Kpodo and Ahmed Adams are expected to lead the defence with support from the Premier League’s best defender Rashid Sumaila and Kotoko’s Mohammed Sabato.

Midfielder Richard Mpong, who scored the winning qualification goal against Nigeria, was also penned down alongside Uriah Asante, Alhaji Sannie and Malik Akowuah. Striker Ben Acheampong, who recently signed for Kotoko after a loan stint, was named alongside Gilbert Fiamenyo and Mahatma Otoo.

The technical handlers believe this is a squad capable of winning a medal at the games. In an interview with JOY Sports’ Dennis Mirpuri, Head Coach, Kwasi Appiah said, “When going to a tournament, it’s always better that you go with players who can play two or three positions, the important thing is getting players who can be mobile at each position.”

He added that, “I invited four foreign players but unfortunately I could not get even one, so I am depending on the local players and we’ve trained so far so we’ll go out there and do our best.”

The team will be based in Bloemfontein where they will play some warm up matches ahead of the multi sport competition which begins on September 3.


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