Books & Boots”, one of the most ambitious and highly anticipated education and sports projects in Africa, is set to be launched in Accra. BOOKS & BOOTS 2010 is the first phase of a national campaign to reach the most challenged and talented children in communities across Ghana.

The initiative is a key part of TIGO’s corporate social responsibilities and will see TIGO teaming up with a number of reputable educational,community outreach and social welfare campaigners to take education effectively to the most challenged and deprived communities in Ghana. The partners include 1Goal,Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, The Learning Project, Active Minds Reading Club,Leaders Under Construction and Oxigen creators of Books and Boots.

The first step in this long term Project would see 16 communities in Greater Accra participate in education and sports drills based on the Street Soccer Africa tour. This would include innovative Reading Sessions led by celebrities and high profile personalities followed by an U-12 Football tournament in Nima, Greater Accra on Friday May 7.

As with 1 Goal,Tigo’s primary focus for CSR is education. With a country that is so rich is natural resources, the next step is to empower the minds and spirits of the youth, to yearn for more knowledge. As Ghana’s economic development take shape, over the next few years, so must its ‘valuable’ citizens.

The Books & Boots concept starts from the very basics – primary education. Then gradually moving up to tertiary. Projects such as Boots and Books allow TIGO to reach young children who are attracted and indeed keen on learning and improving their skill in soccer. These keen young minds, have to be reminded though, that school comes first. As with the vision of 1 Goal – Education for All,the education and sports partners are united in the belief that education empowers us all to do greater things in life.

The sheer potential scale of the project can be seen with 1 Goal campaigning in over 200 countries from now until the FIFA World Cup finals in South Africa. 1 GOAL is quite simply a global team that will voice wishes to world leaders to keep their promise of giving everyone an education by 2015.