Cabinet is meeting to discuss the way forward for the country after the election petition judgment.

Key on their agenda will be to assess the socio economic effects of the eight-month long election petition.

Deputy Information and Media Relations Minister, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed said the case has undoubtedly had a monumental effect on the country which makes such an action imperative.

Other issues to be discussed include property right of spouses, Ghana Library Services, National Youth and Sports Acts among others.

He said in spite of the petition government is focused and urged all interest groups to remain focused because “the promises that [President Mahama] made to the good people of this country are something he will never renege on”.

The deputy Minister maintained that “government would ensure that the living conditions of this country as promised in the 2012 (manifesto) is something that is achieved.”

Government, he said, has been informed that the live telecast of the petition cost Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) almost GHC3.5 million.

“It is also a fact that productivity was affected as many people were glued to their TV.”

He reiterated the call by President Mahama to all to cease fire, after the Supreme Court ruling, and focus on the business of governance.