Government says it is ready to withdraw a court case against public sector workers if they call off the strike.

The week-long strike by 12 labour unions has left public hospitals deserted with pupils in public schools wandering about on their various campuses.

The workers are angry with government whom they accuse of not following due process of law in the management of the tier two pension scheme.

Government has selected the Pensions Alliance Trust to manage the public sector tier two funds but the various unions want to determine which private company manages their schemes.

The workers announced a strike last week in protest but government proceeded to the court with a writ asking the court to declare the strike as illegal and to order the return of the workers.

Despite the pending court case, the workers agreed to negotiate with government and to find a lasting solution to the impasse.

At a meeting in Accra Thursday, the government represented by the Labour and Employment Minister Haruna Iddrisu, pleaded with the workers to call off the strike so they would also withdraw the case from the court.

Joy News' Fred Smith who is monitoring events reported government officials as saying that once the strike has been called off and the court case withdrawn, a more congenial atmosphere would be created for better negotiation.

The workers representatives led by Reynolds Tinkorang would not immediately agree to government's proposal.

They said they would confer with membership before giving a definitive response.

The meeting has been rescheduled for next week Tuesday.