Cardi B and her former manager agreed to an amicable split, resolving a years-long $25 million dispute.

In April of 2018, Klenord Raphael, sued Cardi for $10 million dollars, claiming he was fired in a breach of contract after discovering her in 2015. He also alleged defamation, according to PEOPLE

Cardi countersued Raphael three months later in July 2018 for $15 million, claiming the original deal that he signed with her happened without a lawyer present. But both of the court filings were dissolved on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), AllHipHop writes.

Documents obtained by the platform indicate that “this action, including all claims and counterclaims, is hereby dismissed in its entirety with prejudice against all parties,

“The parties have further agreed that all parties to this action shall bear their own costs and attorney’s fees.”

The two acknowledged the split in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

“Cardi and the KSR Group have agreeably parted ways and their dispute has been resolved,” it reads.

“In addition, Cardi has renegotiated her deal with Atlantic Records and is happy with the outcome of both deals.

She is looking forward to 2021 and releasing new music. The KSR Group will continue its mission of breaking new artists who achieve worldwide impact and acclaim.”