Chadian soldiers celebrate as they parade in D'Jamena on May 9, 2021 upon returning from the front where they battled the advance of the rebels from the FACT (Front for Change and Concord in Chad). (Photo by Djimet WICHE / AFP)

The military in Chad has claimed victory against northern rebels following weeks of fighting.

The conflict against Libya-based rebels threw the country into a crisis when President Idriss Déby died after being wounded on the frontline lasts month.

The military takeover under the leadership of Mr Déby’s son has been condemned by the opposition and civil society groups leading to protests.

Sunday’s victory parade was aimed at boosting the popularity of the Chadian military at a time of great uncertainty in the country.

Some people in the capital N’Djamena cheered as soldiers returned from the frontline in a column of tanks and armoured vehicles.

Journalists were shown dozens of captured rebels at an army base.

But it’s worth remembering that weeks ago we were told the rebel group Front for Change and Concord in Chad (Fact) had been defeated – only for fighting to resume.

It’s not clear if the Libya-based rebels still have the capacity to be a threat to the military council now running the country.

In recent weeks protests demanding a return to civilian rule have been violently broken up by the security forces.