The Tema Traditional Council (TTC) is seeking funds to restore the Chemu Lagoon, lying near Tema Manhean, a fishing community in Tema to boost the economic activities of the people.

The chief of Tema, Osonga Nii Adjei Krakue II, who made this known to the GNA in Tema deplored the present state of the lagoon, which is choked with all kinds of unsightly materials thus portraying a wrong impression about the town.

A feasibility study on the project is almost completed by a Ghanaian Marine Consultant for the dredging of the Lagoon which would commence soon, Osonga Nii Krakue declared at his palace.

He said the Lagoon had been the main source of livelihood for the natives of Tema who are predominantly fisher folks but it was gradually being rendered inactive due to industrialization and the growing population of the industrial nerve of the nation.

“In the past the indigenes of Tema, who were then settling at the present main harbour area harvested tilapia, crabs, shrimps and fish from the Lagoon for their livelihood but it has been chocked with human waste and effluent from the industries”, he stated.

While some of the industries treat their effluent others discharge the raw form into the lagoon, killing aquatic lives and rendering it inactive.

He urged them to keep the water body clean and safe after the dredging.

Osonga Nii Krakue also blamed the inactivity of the Lagoon to activities of squatters settled along the banks, who have for the past three years ignored persistent verbal and written warnings to leave the areas to pave way for the restoration of the lagoon.

He warned that a final warning would soon be issued after which a combined team of the police, the Tema Metropolitan Assembly, TTC, and the Environmental Protection Agency would flush them out.

The Chief regretted the loss of at least a life each time it rains heavily due to the chocking of the Lagoon which spills onto the streets, making accessibility very difficult.

Dilapidated Structures along the principal streets of the town would also be demolished and the area given a facelift in preparation for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of their settlement to the present town from the Tema harbour area, which paved way for the construction of the harbour in the 1960s by Ghana’s first President Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

Source: GNA