The Banmuhen of Gomoa Akyempim, Okofo Meresi Okai Annan, has appealed to local government assemblies to ban the erection of billboards with the portraits of departed individuals along streets and roads.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview at Gomoa Assin, near Apam in the Gomoa West District, Okofo Annan said the streets and roads were becoming an eyesore because of these billboards.

The chief said if the assemblies needed billboards along the streets they should make some for directing visitors to tourist sites in their areas but not for people who have passed and been buried.

He said even funeral announcements must not be on billboards to obstruct the view of road users; they must be on paper to be posted on authourised places.

Okofo Annan suggested to family members who wanted to eternalise the memories of their departed relatives to institute awards in their names.

“They could institute scholarship schemes in their names or awards of excellence to honour workers,” the chief recommended.

The Gomoa Akyempim Banmuhen expressed concern about how people misspend money on funerals, drinks and clothing at the expense of the education of their children and later turn round to accuse governments for making conditions hard.

“If Ghanaians do not change their attitude towards spending, the poverty cycle will never end,” he stressed. “Let us set our priorities right,” he stressed.

Source: GNA