As Ghana prepares to drill oil in commercial quantities next month, the Christian Council of Ghana is worried over the absence of specific laws to regulate the activities of the oil sector.

General Secretary of the Council, Fred Deegbe told Joy News there is the urgent need for rule of law to be seen to be working in the oil industry but that can only be possible if there are laws.

“It is the law that you provide that gives a regulatory framework for what we are doing,” he said.

Even though he was worried over the delay in the passage of two bills; Petroleum Revenue Management Bill 2010 and the Petroleum Exploration Production Bill, 2010 – he said Parliament must take steps to review portions of the bills to address some teething challenges in the industry.

He said they have, as a coalition sent a memorandum to Parliament to incorporate the Public Interest and Accountability Committee in the bill but has picked snippets of information the demand might not be included. “We think that will be a serious omission,” he added.

He said if care is not taken, the environmental challenges the country is facing in the mining sector will be replicated in the oil industry as well.

He dismissed assertions that the Council must concentrate on seeking the spiritual upliftment of the people, adding, Christianity is about body, soul and spirit.