AVRAM GRANT: Not so much a bad choice as such but risky…another gamble.

lf Maxwell Konadu were to remain as coach, then Avram Grant would be an excellent Technical brain with  oversight responsibility for ALL our national teams.

In this current scenario, l doubt we will get the best out of the man; whom l must concede is a  football intellectual in the modern game.

Chelsea scouted remember? But for an entirely different vision and clearly spelt out mission statement. Comparing structures and resources prevailing at an EPL club such as Chelsea to what we have in Ghana would be very naive at best.

Now, here is my biggest fear; if his (Grant) predecessors ALL failed due to "outmoded" or "unsupportive" or even "un-robust" structures, what has changed on the ground to help the new coach succeed where others failed?

The thinking in Ghana football (GFA policy) has consistently been that it is ALWAYS the fault of the coach right? l can be corrected if the evidence suggests otherwise.

So if Grant was selected based on his excellent presentation alone then he may encounter serious problems ahead.

All the same, l have been screaming for CHANGE or at least re-assessment  of all departments of Ghana football; which has recently earned me the tag of "disloyal" person….maybe this is just the first of many major changes to come in Ghana football.

It must not stop here otherwise the chorus of "disloyal" elements such as myself will continue to rise.

Grant will succeed if only there is total change.