Contrary to claims by commercial water vendors in Accra that the ongoing water rationing program announced by the Ghana Water Company is badly affecting their business, Joy News has learnt some are rather taking advantage of the situation to fleece their customers.

Water is one of nature’s most important gifts to mankind.

According to the World Health Organization, about 5 million people die each year from poor drinking water, poor sanitation, or a dirty home environment, often resulting from water shortage.

The importance of water, to the well being and sustenance of citizens of any country, cannot be over emphasized.

In Ghana however, water for some time now has become a luxury item with the situation worsening with the recent formal announcement of water rationing in Tema and Accra.

From the main source, a 250 to 350 gallons worth of water is not sold for less than 4GHc. Depending on the volume of water and distance, tanker operators or mobile water venders sell water for anything from GHc7 to GHc40

On a tour of town, Joy News spoke to a few people to access the situation.

Collins Amudu who recounts buying water for GHc25 and even GHC 40, says he “has not been able to take his bath for close to 24 hours. We had to keep the little water for the kids to bath before going to school”.

Some of the tanker operators however complain of running at a loss due to the shortage.

They say they are able to serve only two customers a days instead of the usual four or five because they don’t get supply.

As you take your daily shower, water the lawn or wash your car and gate, don’t forget that fresh water is a life or death issue and some people in Accra are unable to have a bath in a day due to the cost of water.