The Commonwealth Africa office headquartered in Accra, has appointed Fadilah Tchoumba as its Director of Business and Innovation across Africa.

Ms Tchoumba will steer the business development department of the office and lead in the creation of innovative ideas and projects that are aligned to the values of the Commonwealth.

She will be working closely with the Head of the Africa Office, Mr John Apea and the Commonwealth Business and Technology Chair for Africa, Herman Chinery-Hesse.

The appointee comes into the new position with a wealth of experience in business development especially in the private sector.

She is a high performing senior manager with a proven ability and track record in the development and strengthening of all functional areas of business. She is expected to strengthen the business development arm of the Commonwealth.

Ms Tchoumba retains her position as Principal atAmzill Management Consulting,a private Consultancy firm based in Cameroon which has a proven track-record of turning businesses around.

Previously, she worked as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Ovamba Inc, where she rose to become the Country Director in 2016.

Ms. Tchoumba has also had professional stints in the USA as Research Analyst at the International Research Group,and in the UK as the Linguistic Editor at War Child, UK.

She is a graduate of Connecticut College, USA ; Georgetown University, USA and The London School of Economics, UK.

Ms Fadilah Tchoumba’s appointment is expected to take immediate effect.



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