A security analyst has advised the police to consider innovative strategies to deal with crime in the country.

Colonel Festus Aboagye (Rtd) said the police service is never going to have sufficient personnel to be everywhere to execute their work thus they need to be strategic about fighting crime.

Stating the ratio of police to citizens in the country he said, “even if we reach the UN target of 1 to 500…. that would not be enough.”

The retired colonel stated that despite this challenge, the police service are not proactively looking for criminals or proactively looking for millions of illegal weapons circulating in the country.

Speaking to JoyFM on Friday, he called on the police and all other security agencies to consider novel strategies so they are either ahead of the criminals or catch up quickly once they commit a crime.

His response is in connection with the murder on Friday dawn of the Mfantseman MP, Ekow Quansah Hayford by six unknown highway robbers.

The legislator was shot at Abeadze Dominase in the Central Region after he disclosed to them that he was the MP.

The infuriated robbers shot him twice saying he is part of the people who have made the country difficult.

Also, on Friday, the Northern Regional town of Kpatinga at about 2 am woke up to sporadic shooting in the Gushegu Municipality.

These instances according to the security analyst gives a lot to worry about especially in an election year.

He stressed that the security agencies must be able to afford treasonable levels of protection to all citizens.  

Col. Aboagye (Rtd), said the country has come to accept that police patrols can only be done in vehicles.

“So when the vehicles are now assigned to other administrative and welfare duties then that comes at the detriment of operations,” he added.

The alternatives, according to him, that could be adopted to battle crime includes the use of horses, motorbikes, bicycles among others.

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