A couple, whom the Police accuse of making pick-pocketing their source of livelihood, is in now in their firm grips.

Paul Akuoko, 25, and his wife Elizabeth Boatemaa, 30, are suspected to belong to a stealing syndicate comprising two other persons; Kwabena Nketia, 30, Joseph Twumasi, alias Nana Kwame, 25.

Chief Superintendent Deborah Addison Campbell, the Commander at the Manhyia Divisional Police, in Kumasi, told a section of the media at Kumasi, that the suspects operated at Buokrom Junction and the Airport Roundabout, suburbs of Kumasi.

She said the gang normally operated an Opel Astra taxi cab with the registration number GR 781 X, which would be driven by Nketia with Twumasi in the front seat while the couple sat at the back.

Pretending to be doing the rounds as a cabbie, she said the suspects would then pick another passenger and on their way and allegedly engage their prey in a curious conversation.

However, once the person was engrossed in the conversation, the couple would cash in and rob the victim.

Subsequently, she said, they would push the victim out of the taxi and speed off.

The Police Commander said though the trick had worked for them many times, on Monday, September 29, at about 0830hours, their luck run out, after robbing a victim of GH¢1,900.00.

Commander Campbell said unknown to the thieves, the driver of another commercial vehicle, witnessed the robbery and assisted the complainant by giving the cab a hot chase and managed to cause their arrest.

They were consequently handed over to the Asawase Police and a search on them uncovered GH¢1,600.00 of the amount, she said.

Investigations, however, continue, she said, but the suspects would soon be put before court.

Chief Superintendent Campbell cautioned motor riders to desist from rough riding and any incident likely to disturb the peace during the upcoming funeral of their colleague at Ash-Town-Down-Town.


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