Presidential Advisor on Health, Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Asare has hinted that Covid-19 vaccinations will soon be expanded to children and pregnant women.

He says the move will be informed by further safety information on the vaccine.

“Even though the government’s ultimate goal is to vaccinate the entire population, the initial target is to vaccinate 20 million persons, segmented by population groups and geography excluding children under 16/18 years and pregnant women.

“As additional safety data become available, the vaccination will be expanded to cover children and pregnant women, ” he said

He was speaking at the 9th biennial scientific conference college of health sciences KNUST.

Dr. Nsiah Asare urged health professionals to “join the public education drive to ensure that the general public is informed about Covid-19 pandemic.

He also entreated health professionals to “embrace new competencies that will help in the development of effective risk communication messages that will improve communication outcomes, increase trust and reduce public anxiety.”

Current vaccine deployment

Between February and September of this year, the country has in total received 4,877,120 vaccines, which include AstraZaneca 3,204,050, Moderna 1,229, 620, Sputnik-V 21,000 and Johnson & Johnson 422,450.

A total of 1,659, 884 vaccine diesel has been administered as of 28th September 2021, with the remaining been deployed.

Already, the vaccinations have been carried out in 43 hosts pot districts, resulting in a reduction in the number of cases in the Ashanti and Greater Accra regions in phase 1 and started with phase 2 in all the 16 regions and 260 districts in the country.

The 9th Scientific Conference of College of Health Sciences is under the theme, Covid-19, Health challenges for the decade-the role of the health professionals.

It brings together players in the scientific community to share their insights on the pandemic.

Prof. Christian Agyare is Provost of the college of Health Sciences, KNUST.

“It is a privilege to have erudite resource persons to give us insight and share their requisite experiences with us.

“Presentations at this conference will eminently demonstrate what we, as Health professionals and scientists bring to the fore the need to complement the work of the health services in addressing the daunting battle of mankind
against covid-19 outbreak,” he said.

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