The Chairman of Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Dr Edmund Delle has reiterated the party’s position of not aligning with any other party in its quest to win power.

He held that there was no alternative to building an independent, viable Nkrumaist movement and cautioned those holding such views to sit up and examine their theses.

Dr Delle, who was addressing a press conference on the 24th February 1966 Coup that led to the overthrow of the first President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah said a lot had changed since 1966, leaving the foundation Dr Nkrumah laid for the creation of modern and industrial society in oblivion.

He described 1966 coup as the darkest day in the history of the country that betrayed the hopes and aspirations of millions of Ghanaians as well as Africans, and that, “the betrayal truncated our right to choose our own destiny and decide which path of development we wish to pursue”.

Dr Delle pointed out that the charges the coup plotters levelled against Nkrumah for being a dictator, corrupt, one-party state, mismanagement of the economy and preventive detention act were all aimed at throwing dust into the eyes of the people.

He promised that as Nkrumaists they would defend their heritage and the record of Nkrumah’s government, adding, “indeed it’s our responsibility to challenge the attempt to falsify history and we shall do so with all the resources at our disposal”.

The Chairman called on Ghanaians to celebrate the 50 anniversary in a climate of peace and saluted those who sacrificed their blood, sweat and toil for political independence.

He said governments had over the years had kowtowed to the dictates of the IMF and the World Bank whose policies have served foreign interest to the detriment of a larger proportion of the people.

“We have lost control of the economy and the ability to shape our lives and destinies in accordance with our needs and aspirations, the hardship, suffering and poverty the people experience daily are direct consequences of these policy choices and leadership”, he added.

Dr Delle stressed that the all-inclusive one-nation Ghana, Nkrumah built in each citizen, tribe and region was under threat of being thorn asunder.

“Youth employment, streetism, poor education and sense of hopelessness among our people are all problems that threaten national cohesion and stability of the country”, he said.

He attributed the socio-economic problems confronting the nation to economic structures and national policy which have not changed substantially from colonial times in spite of the strident efforts made by Nkrumah to transform the neo-colonial economy.

“As Nkrumaist, we believe in providing equal opportunity for all Ghanaians regardless of tribe, social class, gender and size of your pocket”, he said.

Dr Delle noted that unlike other political parties that ceded the main lever and productive sectors of the economy to private enterprise and foreign interest, the CPP sought to build an independent, self-reliant economy.

“Our objective is to harness the resources of this country to meet the needs of the people, for us, it is when the state plays a leading role in the economic arrangement of the country that we can reduce poverty and mobilize resources for the national development effort”, he emphasized.

Source: GNA