Cement manufacturer Dangote has blamed the recent attacks on its operations by the Association of Cement Manufacturers in particular, on what it say is its increasing market share.

The Association early this month called a press conference blaming the Nigerian company of engaging in unfair trade practices including dumping among others.

But speaking at a press conference Thursday, Managing Director, Tor Nygard, said his company will only continue to provide the best quality services to consumers.

"We are taking a chunk of the market from our competitors and reports from the ground indicate that we continue to do this every month and of course, competitors do not like that and because of this, they are fighting us and will continue to fight us.

"They will do this every week, we know and they won’t stop because they don’t like the fact that we’re taking a huge market share," he said.

Photo: Media Relations Manager of the company, Etornam Komla Buami

He said they are concentrating on promoting their products, improving services and deliveries instead of responding to the vile attacks in the past year.

"We just feel that we should find time to address some of these inaccurate allegations and set the records straight," Mr Nygard explained. 

He promised that the company will is taking feedback and will go back to operations to do a good job so as to be able to supply quality cement to our consumers at affordable prices.

He alleged that even though their competitors are advertising a 42.5R grade cement, what is provided is a lower grade of 32.5R to consumers.

"We are not accusing them of deceiving anybody, but this is the fact," he said urging consumers to cross check that on the market.