Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu has expressed his concern over government’s decision to do business with Databank to raise $3 billion in Eurobonds for government expenditure.  

He said it is “unethical and unacceptable” that the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, is still using a company he has an interest in to do government business. 

“Our primary concern is that in the prospectus that has been advertised for the raising of the $3billion Eurobond, the book runners are listed as Fidelity Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Databank brokerage.

“That is unethical and that is unacceptable within the remits of the 1992 constitution, in particular, 284,” he said on the Super Morning Show, Wednesday.

“As I have rightly observed, a common denominator of corruption globally is a conflict of interest and a conflict of interest exists when an individual or corporate organisation has the opportunity; real or perceived to exploit their position for personal or corporate benefit,” he contniued.

The Member of Parliament for Tamale South explained that “under the 2020 financial government economic policy, provision was made to raise $3 billion Eurobonds to finance what is described as ‘Government Priority Projects’.”

He questioned what the benefit could be for Databank to do business with the government.

“What would be the benefit to Databank brokerage looking at its ownership and relationship with the finance minster? We think that some of these transactions must be above board,” he added.

The Minority Leader said, “I do not think that he should be creating those impressions and we find that very unacceptable as a minority and we are concerned.”