Day one of the RCS EPL soccer clinic ended Monday with an electric performance by participants eager to catch the eye of Micky Adams and Laurie Dudfield, coaches and scouts on the day.

With scholarship opportunities available, each of the 100 participants showed great resilience in a gruelling 90 minutes of work-outs, ball juggling, field awareness and lots of other football techniques.

It was physically exhausting, mentally draining but after two sessions, 90 minutes each for 50 participants, the students and players said they were eager for Day Two which promises to define their careers.

It was not all aggressive. It was light-hearted too. Micky Adams welcomed the lads between ages 11-17 with what was an interesting history about his career in the EPL.

He was the first to have been sent off in what became the new EPL in the early 90s. That got the participants laughing and clapping. He was not proud about that history and hoped the lads will not be as naughty as he was.

With decades of experience in the most competitive league in Europe, Adams and Dudfield did not fail to impart their knowledge and experiences to the kids who were full of talents.

The same set of 100 participants will return on Tuesday, knowing each tap, each pass, every run; every header will count in the search for a scholarship to Brooke House College in London.

The RCS EPL Soccer Clinic is organized by the Brooke House College in conjunction with the Royal Commonwealth Society and Everythings Education which is based in the UK.

The clinic is to afford students the opportunity to exhibit their football talents whilst still studying.