You would think Mas-Ud Dramani would be under pressure.


He's as cool as ice.

On Wednesday the Kotoko boss agreed to part ways with the club after a week of stormy back-and-forths in the media over his future.

Dramani however wrote in his response to Kotoko's request for him to go on a 120 day accumulated leave that he wanted an amicable settlement – in the form of a four month payoff equivalent to the leave period.

But he has also been speaking on his thoughts on the team's situation.

Fatigue or burnout?

The coach, known for his expansive theorization of the game, has been scholarly in his assessment of what is wrong with Kotoko.

But he is adamant that the poor start to the current league season is nothing but a phase.

“I think that what we are going through is just a situation. It usually happens in football.”

“We have almost a new team in place and had a prolonged pre-season as well. It is very likely we hit our peak in the course of it and the types of players now are experienced ones."

With that diagnosis, Didi Dramani is sure that a turnaround was possible if the squad was given time.

"They might have dropped now but they can come back to their [form]. We think that we are working very well in training and so are the players."

Speaking to, the former Black Maidens boss admitted that he was very concerned about the side's dip in form.

"Every coach will be worried if you think you are working very hard and then you are not achieving results. Unless you are a lackadaisical coach – a coach who is not working. If really you know you are working and then you think that you should be appreciated with results." 

"You think that your players are working in training and it should be appreciated with good performances and results and it’s not coming, it’s very frustrating. You can’t apportion blame to somebody,” he added.

Having joined Kotoko two seasons ago, he has masterminded the winning of five trophies – two Premier League wins, an FA Cup and two Super Cups. 

His critics have, however, been quick to beat him with the stick of failing to progress beyond the gorup stages of the Caf Champions league on two occasions.