BrandSchool of South Africa and PopOut of Ghana present the maiden edition of the annual Digital Marketing Summit 2014 in Ghana under the theme “Developing Strategies for Social Media and Mobile Marketing in Africa” on Saturday, 31st May, 2014 at Alisa Hotels, North Ridge, Accra, from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

This summit was informed by the fact that technology is fast changing how businesses do their marketing and advertising to reach their customers who are now online or connected to the internet.

Digital Marketing Summit 2014 promises to be the biggest gathering of industry experts with tested and practical experiences in social media and mobile marketing across Africa as well as businesses who want to engage their customers and target markets using the power of innovative technologies.

The main speakers include:

  1. Lorraine Landon, BrandSchool – Digital Marketing Consultant at SocialCapital Consulting, South Africa
  2. Lauretta Ngakane, BrandSchool – Mobile Marketing Specialist, South Africa
  3. Munier Kearns, BrandSchool – Digital Manager at Redworks Ogilvy, South Africa
  4. Ugochukwu Ezeagwula, Founder and CEO, Identita Brand Concepts Limited, Nigeria

The above speakers for this year have enviable industry experience having worked on several leading brands and blue chip organizations such as MTN Nigeria, Vodacom, Telkom, Dell, SANTACO, Mercedes-Benz, Steers, Wimpy, Mugg & Bean (Famous Brands), Edcon, NuMetro, Chanel, Discovery, DHL, Nedbank, Accenture, IBM,, African Bank, Yellow Pages, Nashua Communications, Carshop, Altrisk, Red Bull, LandRover, Colgate, Leisure Books, Kimberley-Clark, Pepsi Nigeria, STB McCann, Kanekalon, Kr8ativ Krest, and Bayer.

Participants will learn the following:

  1. Understanding Social Media: concepts, principles and    trends (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube & LinkedIn)
  2. Principles of Social Media Marketing
  3. Advantages of using Social Media for business engagement
  4. Application of Social Media across various industries
  5. Case studies of how Social Media have been used effectively in Africa and globally
  6. Understanding Mobile Marketing
  7. How to use key Mobile technology options
  8. SoLoMo: The Convergence of Social, Location and Mobile
  9. Creative ways to use WhatsApp for Business

BrandSchool was established to give marketing professionals and entrepreneurs fast, strategic training with specialised courses like Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy and Copywriting. It has on its international digital marketing advisory board, experts from Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook, ebay, Intel, Paypal, Vodafone and others.

Digital Marketing Summit 2014 is supported by SMSGH, theSOFTtribe, BusyInternet, Litina Travel, MyJoyOnline, Benchmark Professional Training Centre, Clak Impressions, MediaPOP, GHOne, Live 91.9fm and Ideas PrintHouse.


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