The North Tongu District Co-ordinator of AMURT-Ghana, the NGO wing of Ananda Marga-Ghana Yoga society Mr Brohim Wahib El-Husseini, has called on the immigration authorities to cause the deportation of one Mr Tor Borjensen a Norwegian, from the country.

This is because he is allegedly preventing the people of North Tongu from accessing good drinking water.

This was contained in a petition dated October 27, 2008, which he had sent to the Immigration Service, the Police CID and other security agencies.

Mr El-Husseini said he had been the co-ordinator of water projects for the Yoga society in the North Tongu District for the past 16 years, working with Mr Eduado Jose Lopez, a yoga teacher from the Philippines before he (Lopez) was transferred to Bolivia in 1998.

After Mr Lopez left, he said, Mr Borjensen, who was supposed to co-ordinate activities of AMURT in Africa, with his headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, decided to relocate to Ghana in 2000 and has since refused to leave.

Mr El-Husseini said Mr Borjensen had succeeded in making himself an ex-officio member of Ghana’s Yoga society and was working against beneficiary communities who were supposed to get good drinking water, by deliberately blocking funds for the water projects.

“He is frustrating various projects by discouraging or turning away donors whenever they want to fund AMURT projects.” El-Husseini alleged.

Mr El-Husseini cited a 14 million dollar water project, which Mr Borjensen had blocked, which was to be funded by Madam Reneta and other philanthropists from Italy.

“His continued presence and unpatriotic activities will deny most people within the Mafi, Bakpa and Mepe traditional areas good drinking water, whenever donor fatigue sets in,” Mr El-Husseini lamented.

In a telephone interview, yesterday Torgbe Owusu Gadzo IV, Chief of Tedeafenui, also lamented the negative activities of Borgensen, saying his predecessors through AMURT had rendered quality service to the communities by providing them with good drinking water.

Togbe Gadzo said since Mr Borgensan took over, there had been deteriorating water services to the communities.

He asked AMURT to recall Mr Borgensen and bring someone more inclined to helping the communities.

He said it is not his community alone that bore the burnt of Borgensen’s activities, but other areas like Mafi Zongo and Bakpa.

The Times was unable to reach Mr Borensen on the phone for his reaction.

Source: Ghanaian Times