The Ghana Medical Association says it has extended the deadline for resigning en masse to the end of July 2015 if the government fails to present acceptable conditions of service.

The doctors had pledged to quit the public sector if an agreement on their conditions of service was not reached by June 30.

But at an Extraordinary General Meeting held Monday, the consensus from the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons venue is that government should be allowed more time to put together conditions of service.

They claim apart from two weeks mortuary fees which they are exempt from paying when they die, they do not have any conditions of service that spells out benefits and responsibilities.

Deputy General Secretary of the GMA Dr Justice Yankson has explained the poor conditions under which doctors work. He told Joy FM that doctors are made to pay for health care services whenever they fall sick. They also buy medications as any other patients would despite the many risks they take in caring for the sick.

The doctors have been sounding the alarm of their collective dissatisfaction with conditions at work since January 2015.

The GMA says government failed to acknowledge their requests and until a meeting last week, had ignored their demands.

At a meeting held on the 24th June 2015, the doctors rejected a framework presented by the Health Ministry. “We do not have a condition of service, this is only a framework,” Dr Frank Serebour, General Secretary of the GMA told the media, adding that “the negotiations which will bring into force a condition of service is long overdue”.