Doctors and nurses at the Wa Regional hospital are demonstrating against the appointment of a new Medical Superintendent there.

This comes after their protest to get the hospital management to rescind the decision failed.

They refused to attend to patients on Monday after Dr. Bannabas Gandao was appointed to head the hospital.

Wa hospital

The doctors and nurses believe their preferred candidate Dr. Chris Opoku Fofie – who is a Gynecologist at the hospital – has laboured enough and deserves the position.

They said out of about ten doctors who were posted to the hospital in 2006, Dr. Fofie was the only one who has stayed on. He traveled abroad to further his education, but returned to work at the same hospital after his studies.

This and Dr. Fofie’s relationship with his colleagues and patients who visit the hospital, they say should be enough to earn him the position.

They, [health workers] alleged that Dr. Gandao refused a job offer at the hospital when the hospital was in dire need of a gynaecologist.

Wa hospital saga

Joy News’ Rafiq Salam reports that some residents of Wa and patients who were at the hospital joined the demonstration to ‘fight for Dr. Fofie’. Some were seen with red bands on their wrists and holding placards.

Wa hospital saga

“I want Dr Fofie to be here. He is a very good person and he supports everybody here,” one patient indicated.

Wa hospital saga

Meanwhile, some patients who were at the hospital, but did not join the demonstration say they are disappointed that they cannot be attended to.

“I came from a very far distance only to be told about this demonstration. I have wasted my money, time and I will have to go back,” Dennisia, a patient told Rafiq.

She pleaded with the management of the hospital to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Upper West Regional Minister, Amin Amidu Sulemani has directed management of the hospital to get the nurses and doctors back to work.