H.E.President Nana Akufo-Addo (Right) and H.E Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia (Left) unveiled the Logo for the Free SHS programme during the launch

Some parents have expressed their displeasure about the current state of the Free SHS programme, particularly, the double-track system.

The parents were contributing to a discussion on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Tuesday, May 25, with regards to the effectiveness of the Free Senior High School (SHS) Programme.

One of them named Nana, said that the ‘Double-track’ system has caused some dysfunction in the country’s educational system.

“If you don’t know when your child is going to school, you keep her/him in the house till when? However, when they go to school, we still have teachers teaching them. We still pay for extra classes.”

According to her, she is willing to pay for tuition because she wants quality education for her children.

She believes that the increase in the number of contact hours does not result in an exceptional academic performance but rather puts a strain on the health of their wards thereby affecting their output negatively.

“My daughter still goes for extra classes in school. And I still pay because I want quality education for her. So I don’t understand these increased hours or whatever they are talking about.

“They get tired. They over study. And at the end of the day when they go into the exam hall and everything is mixed up in their minds, na who cause am?” she asked.

On his part, another concerned parent, Kojo, said that if government gave parents the option to pay for tuition, he would be willing to do so since he wants the best for his children.

“Currently as he’s at home, I pay not less than GH₵350 every month for classes. Besides, I have to buy data to the tune of not less than GH₵60 every week.

“We don’t know when they’ll vacate, when they’ll go. Besides, look at the cost involved. You send him within a short time, you go for him again. Look at the transport. The risk”, a worried Kojo said.

Another issue both parents raised about the double-track system was the quality of food served students enrolled in the Free SHS Programme.

“When my daughter is going to school, her provisions alone cost about GH₵3,000 and I have a son too. So we spend about GH₵6000 on them. Initially, they were complaining about food,” Nana said.

“Surprisingly, sometimes food that they’ll eat is a problem. They’ll just ask them to pack and go because government has no money to provide for food. But the Headmasters are afraid to speak out,” Kojo said.

The Free SHS and Free TVET were introduced by the Akufo-Addo administration in 2017 to eliminate the financial burdens parents face in paying their children’s fees.

According to the President, this will guarantee a higher level of education for the country’s workforce.