The erratic power supply in the country may well linger for a while longer because information available to Joy News indicates the Nigerian government has cut back its supply of gas to the country.

Gas supply from Nigeria has been instrumental in running most of the generating plants in the country at a relatively cheaper cost, compared to crude oil.

But cuts in the supply means the country would have to struggle to generate enough power to meet demand.

Per the arrangement arrived at between the two countries, Nigeria is expected to provide Ghana with around 120 million metric tonnes of gas per day but the West African giants are only supplying around 50 million metric tonnes which is far below expectation.

Sources at the Electricity Company of Ghana and GRIDCo told Joy FM the recent cuts in gas supply may account for the frequent power cuts being experienced particularly in the capital.

Government officials have time without number promised that the power cuts would soon come to an end but it doesn't look like it will be any time soon.

Last week the Volta River Authority announced the load shedding,  christened in local parlance as dumsor dumsor will not end any time soon.

"We produce just what we are able to consume and therefore if we have to work on a machine, we have to revert to load shedding.

"It's not palatable news but we can't be giving promises that are not real," Mr Fletcher told Joy News' Beatrice Adu.

ECG also insists it cannot distribute power it does not have and would have to shed load as and when it gets the notification from GRIDCo and VRA.

 Joy News checks indicate over 240 megawatts of power were shed last Friday with another 300 shed Monday.

As if the gas supply cuts is not enough, the Volta River Authority has announced that the repair works on the power producing plants would  continue.

Joy News' Western Region correspondent Kweku Owusu Peprah said works   on the T1, T2 and T3 are progressing steadily.