Renowned playwright and CEO of Roverman Productions, Uncle Ebo Whyte has announced that from next quarter, the price of a regular ticket to his shows will be at GH¢100.

He made this statement on the opening night of his latest play, Final Warning.

“The price of our tickets have been GH¢80 for about 4 years now, and we think it’s about time we pushed it up a bit to GH¢100,” Uncle Ebo said.

Giving further reasons for the increment, the playwright said production cost has skyrocketed.

“With the recent cost in production, we were faced with two options, either increase our prices or go out of business and we decided to increase it.

“First, an advert for our show was a GH¢100, now we are paying about GH¢900. The National Theatre was also being rented for GH¢3,000 but now we pay close to GH¢9,000. You will agree this increase is long overdue.

“We are however hopeful you won’t stop coming to our shows,” he added.

With over 10 years of experience under its belt, Roverman Production has made a name for itself among theatre lovers.

The productions staged every quarter is crowned with a Festival of Plays in December. 

Early bird tickets will also move from GH¢60 to GH¢80.

Meanwhile, his latest play, Final Warning will be showing today March 1, 2020, and repeated next weekend.