Patrons of Roverman Productions will be treated to another Ebo Whyte classic, ‘The Comeback’ on Sunday, July 26, 2020.

Unlike previous shows which aired twice, his latest play will be streamed via his Youtube channel at 6pm prompt.

The play tells the story of a man who after working hard abroad and sending money home for his family to set up businesses for him, returns to find his brother living a life of luxury with nothing set aside for him.

The Comeback is a story of a heartbreak, tenacity and determination.

“It tells us that nothing is ever as it seems, and the sun always shines at the end of the storm,” the award-winning playwright is quoted as saying.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent enforcement of some protocols including social distancing, Roverman Productions has stayed connected to fans with regular interactions from Uncle Ebo Whyte and his team of creative minds.

In June this year, Roverman Productions held Ghanaians spellbound with its first-ever virtual play, “The Day Dad Came.”

Also streamed live via Ebo Whyte’s youtube channel, “The Day Dad Came.” was dedicated to fathers and also to support the fight against Covid-19.