ECG begins mass disconnection exercise today

The Electricity Company of Ghana will today Monday cut power supply to indebted consumers including public institutions in the ashanti region.

Officials say the mass disconnection exercise has been necessitated by the increasing rate of tariff payment default which is crippling the company.

ECG says it is currently recovering only 40 per cent of its revenue target of 7.5 million Ghana Cedis a week.

It however struggles to raise sixty percent of the revenue which eighty percent of it pays creditors.

General Manager of ECG Ashanti West, Engineer Peter Poku tells Luv News the current situation has left the company unable to meet its commitment to creditors.

 “The situation means losses because we have to pay our creditors and in this situation we are unable.

“That is why we are appealing to our customers to willingly pay their bills”, he stated.

He reveals the company only managed to collect 57 percent of its target.

“We buy and sell the energy.  It is the profit we use to run the company so if they are then we cannot operate”, he said.

The company has observed customers owing ECG often illegally reconnect to the grid after they are disconnected.

The scheduled disconnection will therefore be undertaken with police support as the company cracks down on illegal power consumers.

“We are going all out for the disconnection. If you don’t pay, you will be disconnected. It is a criminal offense. The police is assisting us to arrest all those who will illegally reconnect.

“We call it the ‘night monitoring’ because we will go in the night with the police after we disconnect in the day.

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