The Effutu constituency executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have expressed concern about allegations in some newspapers that discredit the Member of Parliament for Effutu, Mr Mike Hammah.

In a statement signed by the constituency chairman, Mr Kojo Asmah Bondzie, and read at a press conference on Tuesday the executives described Mr Hammah as a hard working man.

“His achievements since he became MP are numerous and among these are his efforts which brought about a complete turn-around in the water supply system in the constituency,” it said.

The statement said Mr Hammah had been able to put up school buildings and supplied desks for students and teachers and that he had also constructed feeder toads and supplied electricity to all rural communities in the constituency.

“These have popularized the NDC so much that despite the billions of cedis our opponents have been dishing out to the youth, the party still has good following in the constituency,” the statement said.

“We the entire executive committee members of the Effutu National Democratic Congress wish to state categorically that we pledge out unflinching support to President John Atta Mills for his sound judgment in re-appointing Mr Mike Hammah to a cabinet position in his recent re-shuffle.”

“We unequivocally condemn the attempt by these faceless individuals to discredit our hardworking MP and create disaffection between him and the President,” the statement concluded.

Source: GNA


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