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Actress Efia Odo cannot hold back her appreciation and admiration for rapper Kwesi Arthur due to what she described as intelligent reactions to questions regarding the risqué outfit she wore to his album listening.

The socialite and actress in a tweet said she was not only impressed with the rapper’s comment, but his level of intelligence as well.

This comes after Kwesi Arthur said he was not embarrassed in any way, by Efia Odo showing up at the “Son of Jacob” album listening in a net-like dress showing her breasts.

Speaking on Peace FM, Kwesi Arthur said he is grateful Efia showed up at the event. He spoke of his admiration for her for being a confident woman who is not ashamed of being herself.

Reacting to this, Efia Odo wrote, “why would I not support Kwesi Arthur? His intelligence alone.”

Efia Odo stole the show at the event when she wore a black sheer top with a black wrap showing her breasts and her thighs.

Some critics were unimpressed with her outfit, stating that she did not have to bare her breast for the world to see.

Others also believe the actress should be allowed to wear what she loves and feels comfortable in.
Some people are also calling for her to be arrested for indecent exposure.

But, Efia Odo has told critics to set their priorities straight. Instead of seeking her arrest, they should be pushing for people involved in illegal mining to face the law.

“You won’t go and arrest people who do illegal mining, the two pimples on my chest is what you’re worried about? Set your priorities straight and get off my chest! Jokers !!”