Former Chief of Defense Staff, Brigadier General (Retired) Joseph Nunoo-Mensah has dismissed the hope of many Ghanaians that the government will take action on the recommendations of the Committee that probed the Ejura killings. 

The killing of social media activist, Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed in June this year, and the subsequent clash between youth of Ejura and Police cum Military personnel resulted in the death of two persons and others injured.

A three-member Committee of Enquiry chaired by Justice George Koomson was set up by the Minister for the Interior, to investigate circumstances leading to the Ejura incident. Since then, expectations have been high as Ghanaians eagerly await the release of the recommendations of the Committee and subsequent punishment of those who may be found culpable.

However, according to General Nunoo, the youth of Ejura and the General public await in vain, as no real action is going to be taken by the incumbent government. 

“Given past experience from the Emile Short Commission of Enquiry and several others of this nature, it is plainly evident that, nothing will come out of this probe”, he said

Speaking on the Prime Morning show on Monday, Mr. Nunoo, doubted the government’s willingness to take action on recommendations made by committees of enquiry, especially when major party faithful’s are likely to be indicted in the case. 

In his opinion, the committees’ reports presented are nothing but a façade by the government to ease the pressure from an agitated populace. 

He further condemned the use of military men to disperse the protesting youth of Ejura. 

“What was the military doing there? Who sent them? They were being used for what they’ve not been trained for.”

He asserted that the military’s intervention, in the protest, only shows the degree of politicization in recruitment of men into the service and the fact that Military Generals are beginning to lose command. 

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