The Chief Executive officer of Cape coast mysterious Dwarfs Nana Aidoo has vowed not to appear before the Ethics committee of the Ghana Football Association unless the FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi is also invited to face the Football Association’s Ethics Committee .

Nana Aidoo was invited to appear before the Ethics Committee on the 20th of march , about unguarded comments he made on a local radio station in Accra, supporting the brutalities meted out to center referee Kwadwo Kyeremanteng and some journalist at Cape Coast Robert Mensah Sports Stadium when Ebusua Dwarfs played Aduana Stars which the home side were beaten by a lone goal.

“I think that there is selective justice at the Ethics Committee because Kwesi Nyantakyi has already made certain comments that, some members of the Executive Committee have been leaking information and FA Documents to the media without mentioning names so he should go and prove it the Ethics Committee” he told Asempa Sports

Nana Aidoo went on to add that the president of the Football Association in a monitored interview with JOY Sports also made similar statements such as some Ghanaians who have not completed Junior High School and some people who have not pass by the walls of the Law school are all discussing the Black Stars Coach’s contract asking questions about certain clauses in it.

Nana said it was a big insult on the intelligence of Ghanaians and if he is not invited why him. He said “he made those comment on Saturday whiles I granted my interview on Monday so it is fair for him to appear first before me.

He also hinted that he could quit football because of the frustration he is going through as football administrator. He said he will meet the owners of Abusua Dwarfs and tell them his intention. He was worried and said he will rather go to the Supreme Court than appearing before the Ethics Committee.


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