A private legal practitioner has stated that the evidence provided by the Electoral Commission (EC) over forgery allegations leading to the disqualification of candidates is not enough.

Justice Abdulai told Evans Mensah on Joy FM’s Top Story, said the forensic evidence presented by the EC from the Police CID is not sufficient according to the law.

“The evidence by the EC will not be a complete satisfaction of the requirements of the law. I think a proper way would mean that inviting persons whose signature has been forged and the persons alleged to have forged the signature,” he added.

His comments follow an accusation by the EC that stated that 19 persons who had allegedly supported the CPP candidate had also supported Kofi Koranteng, an independent presidential aspirant.

The Commission indicated that the CID confirmed that the signatures were forged which led to the disqualification of the candidate.

But Mr Abdulai said the forensic evidence provided by the EC is not credible enough to hold the alleged persons responsible.

“The forensic evidence is not a done deal. It has not been tested in any way or at any forum to make verifications.

“It is possible a person might have signed a different signature under different circumstance or would have appended the same signature and gotten a percentage of it wrong considering the platform used,” he said.

He added that such allegations do not wash arguing that the allegations should be based on well-executed investigations since such claims could lead to the arrest of the suspected persons.

“Coming out with such conclusions should not leave any doubt. You do not come out with such conclusive statement and disqualify a person who holds the destiny of the republic in his hands, potentially,” he stated.