As Christians mark the birth of Christ, a flagbearer aspirant with the opposition National Democratic Congress is urging all Ghanaians to unite and support each other especially the poor and vulnerable groups in the country.

In his Christmas message to all Christians, Nurideen Iddrisu stated that the development of a country is measured largely by the way it treats its minority, poor and vulnerable groups.

“No country can boast of development if its people continue to wallow in squalor and deprived conditions. No country can develop if its children, women are denied education or denied the right to live in a healthy, safe and congenial environment,” he stated.

He called on government, to as a matter of urgency, implement direct interventionist policies that will empower such minority groups and quickly address their needs, adding “it is not only the macro-economic figures we need but the impact of these figures on the pockets of the poor is what is most important.”

Touching on the significance of Christmas, Nurideen Iddrisu said, it is a solemn moment for Christians across the world, a day set aside to celebrate the birth of Christ.

“I join all Christians in Ghana and across the world to celebrate this momentous occasion and I call on all well-meaning Christians to extend a hand of support to the poor, the needy in society.

“It is a season of great joy marked with the show of love, gift giving to friends, families and to strangers who should not be left out” he said.

With the New Year beckoning, the businessman cum oil and gas consultant said all Ghanaians must have proper reflection on life’s goals, set a new purpose and objectives for the following year.

He called on all Christians to reflect this love in all their endevours, adding, the world will be a better place for all if Christians show this great love to all.

Having filed to become the flagbearer aspirant of the NDC, Nurideen Iddrisu called on the NDC delegates to use the occasion of Christmas to reflect and to decide on the future they want to have and who is better placed to lead them into that future.

“If you want to be empowered as a businessman, an entrepreneur, you know who to vote for. Given the suffering under this regime you cannot afford to look elsewhere for redemption than a Nurideen Iddrisu led NDC for 2020,” he said.