A 33-year-old man who was arrested for posing as a lawyer was on Sunday remanded in police custody by the Tema District Magistrate’s Court.

Joseph Mytum Inkoom, whose plea was not taken, will appear again on July 17.

The accused, who shivered while he stood in the dock, told the court that he had been a Business Law lecturer at the Action Progressive institute for the past six years.

Asked by the Judge, Malcolm Bedzirah to define negligence, he fumbled.

Prosecuting, Inspector George Amegbletor told the court that the complainant in the case was the registrar of the court.

He said the accused who claimed he came from a Professional Legal Office in Accra approached the registrar of the court and requested that a writ be prepared for him so that he could seek legal address from a videographer on behalf of his client, a 30-year-old married woman (name withheld) whose matrimonial ceremony the videographer covered at the cost of GH¢400, but refused to submit the tape.

Inspector Amegbletor said the unprofessional manner in which the accused behaved made the registrar suspicious and she, therefore, alerted the other court officials.

He said when the accused was further interrogated by the other officials; it came to light that he was not a lawyer.

The matter was reported to the police and he was arrested.

The married woman incidentally came to the court to look for the fake lawyer and the police detained her so that she could assist in investigations.

She told The Ghanaian Times that she paid the accused person a consultation fee of GH¢50 to secure the documents.

According to her, she asked for assistance from the man who introduced himself to her as a barrister of ‘law after a Tema-based videographer covered her marriage ceremony three years ago but the tape he delivered looked blurred.

She, therefore, rejected it and asked for it to be corrected but the videographer kept giving excuses and had since refused to produce a new tape.

Among the title of books found in the possession of the accused were ‘Cavendis Law Cards Succession’ and ‘Constitution of Ghana’.


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