Ghana’s Intelligence and National Security framework cut an interesting structure. The court case brought by the National Security Secretariat against Kwabena Owusu Adjei highlight this problem.

The same National Security architecture would not provide required cut throat presidential and cannot be said to be on top of population security matters but would show face in uber partisanship. Its court case against Owusu Adjei while not attempting to have Owusu Bempah prosecuted for similar utterances then and now, betrays the partisanship of what should otherwise has been a neutral or impartial and professional intelligence gathering national body.

The President of Ghana takes precedence over ALL Ghanaians. If his safety, security and well being isn’t necessarily guaranteed by a constitutional creation – the National Security Secretariat – whose mandate primarily must ensure this is done, but which secretariat would be seen chasing harmless citizens engaged in RELIGIOUS FRAUD, what can we say?

How do we tell that presidential security function is a problem though?

Beside the many other ways, think along this line:

Were President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to have COVID-19 with a more severe to critical manifestation requiring hospitalisation in Ghana, so his HCQ hydroxychloroquine management fails and he develops cardiac effects associated with HCQ so he may require indicated medication THAT WAS NOT IMMEDIATELY PRESENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF GHANA MEDICAL CENTER, could he very likely not die?

We have a case to learn from: Dr. Jacob Plange-Rhule, former Rector of the College of Physicians and Surgeons aka former HEADMASTER OF SPECIALIST AND CONSULTANT PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS IN GHANA.

National Security failed to make this very assessment as a presidential security measure so that other PROMINENT Ghanaians may benefit as collateral. So Plange Rhule did not have the benefit of on-hand arrythmia medication and even when the presidential jet had to be sent to procure experimental anti-inflammatory agents from far away Kenya over more than 12 hours in an EMERGENCY, his life could not be saved!

Besides presidential security, national security must also deal with human security. Presidential security is topmost on that hierarchy, yes, but then there also is the requirement for human security. If our national security architecture cannot anticipate, plan, prepare and operationalise presidential security protocols to high standards, should we not be concerned then on two levels?

We do not have to be just concerned about presidential security. We have to be concerned about overall population’s security aka national security. No?

This set up is primarily an intelligence gathering bloc. But what has it been known for instead over the years?

Notoriety in gung-ho tactics and similar. Think Ayawaso Wuogon Bye election. And so, here it goes dragging a totally harmless but braggadocio citizen of Ghana to court as is characteristic of its rambo style operationalisation of issues. But for what?

Read the ridiculous charges!

The same osofo in trouble now, was seen praying for the PRESIDENT OF GHANA SOMETIME BACK. Do we realise why the same man may be as bold as to make such reckless utterances regarding the EC Chairperson, the executive President, and future elections in Ghana?

He is probably pissed. Or he is being directed to do so. He may no longer be getting the prior access or attention and or benefits he heretofore may have obtained from the imperial executive Presido or sources close to and working for him. And to create avenue for that, he may have deployed the uncivilised tactic to make those empty threats. Or, Nana Addo’s political opponents got to him.

As for national security and its latest misstep then, it’s not surprising. Its overhaul is LONG OVER DUE and primarily because when you assess its value in the evolving scheme of things, you notice the obvious that it has been failing even before COVID 19 breached its conspicuously drowsy intelligence gathering dragnet.