Kwabena Oduro, a 32-year-old self-employed caterer has been slapped with   a 10-year jail-term for imposing as a police officer,  and defrauding four people of various sums of money with the pretext  of recruiting them into the National Police Training School.
He pleaded guilty  and was jailed 10 years; in addition the court asked him to pay 8,785 Ghana cedis as compensation to the complainants.
The facts of the case as  presented by chief inspector John Amponsah  at the Nsuta circuit court presided over by Mr David  P.W.Amedior  were that,   in 2013,  the accused person posing as a Police C.I.D personnel  posted from Accra to Kumasi Police Training  School at Patase, defrauded  Apeadu Benjamin Freduah of 1,135 Ghana cedis, Kwabena  Kyere,800 Ghana cedis,Theresa Mensah  ,6,250 Ghana cedis and Rose Owusu,600 Ghana cedis at different dates and different places.
The prosecution said,  after  collecting the monies,  the accused person vanished and all efforts by the complainants to get in touch with him failed as he kept on changing his mobile numbers,  or busied himself  having meetings with the Inspector-General of Police.
He said the accused person continued to play tricks on his victims until May 6 this year  when one of the complainants spotted him at Kofi’s in the Mampong Municipality and reported the case to the police.
He said the police arrested him and upon  a search on him,  retrieved a police C.I.D. identity card bearing the name of  one Nana Frimpong and various passport pictures.

The prosecution said after investigations, the accused  person was charged with the offence.


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