FanMilk PLC has rewarded 406 Trade Partners for their contribution to the business’ growth by taking part in the ‘Akyede Kese Reloaded Promo’.

Winners of the promotion received a variety of exciting prizes, which included; 6 Key Distributors, 80 Agents, and 320 vendors who received exciting prizes, including Distribution Trucks, Tricycles, and Chest Freezers as part of efforts to help their business.

The promo runs from July to September 2021 is a sequel to the ‘Aky3de3 k3se Promo’ organised in the first quarter of 2021, where Trade Partners had to achieve agreed targets in the three months.

The grand reward event was held at the premises of the FanMilk Distribution Centre in Kasoa, where Zeera Yahwany emerged as the highest performer in the country.

In attendance were FanMilk Distributors, Agents, Vendors, Staff, the Media, and other invited guests.

Speaking at the Fanmilk Distribution Centre in Kasoa during the reward event, FanMilk Managing Director, Yeo Ziobeieton said, “Earlier this year, we launched the Aky3de3 k3se Promo to motivate our trade partners to sell more whilst investing in their business.

“Following the positive response from the first Promo, we launched Phase 2 of the Promo to continue to motivate trade partners to grow their business.”

He congratulated the trade partners for their successful partnership with FanMilk Plc over the years, even as we battle Covid-19. 

“FanMilk is proud to partner with our winners today on this growth journey. I do not doubt that we will continue to win together in the years to come,” he said.  

FanMilk also held a regional reward event in Kumasi on November 24.

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