Woodin, Africa’s leader in fabric innovation, dynamism and style launches its first-ever groundbreaking campaign REP YOUR COLOUR aimed at uniting people in their diversity.

This campaign seeks to, in a unique way, unite people in spite of their different personalities, perspectives, preferences and cultures.

The REP YOUR COLOUR campaign is led by a Facebook personality quiz which is currently accessible on our Facebook page.

 A participant follows the link, answers the questionnaire and the personality colour is revealed at the end of the test with a Woodin colour badge. 

Participants can share their results on their timelines and invite friends to take the quiz.  This aspect of the campaign on social media is to welcome anyone and everyone to the Woodin Nation and further reiterate Woodin’s commitment to support dynamism and innovation. There are mainly four different personality colours which are Red, Yellow, Green And Blue.

These different colours reveal different personality types. The campaign celebrates all these different personalities through the colour-themed parties that will be happening across the countries which include Ghana, Togo, Benin and Ivory Coast.

Carefully selected Woodin social media influencers will share different aspects of the campaign including promotions on the Colour parties to their social media accounts. Rep your colour! Join the Nation!

Woodin, transforming African fashion

Woodin, Africa’s number 1 retail brand is a truly African brand that is inspired by African culture and art. Woodin’s hallmark is the symbol of creativity. Creativity is at the heart of everything we do and stand for.

As a fast fashion brand we constantly work to deliver fashion inspiration to our consumers, who reflect confidence whenever they wear our unique designs everywhere they go. 

Our 30 years of fashion design expertise enables us to play this role of true fashion connoisseurs and is helping to define African fashion today.