A member of the Communication Team of the Progressive People's Party (PPP), Charles Owusu has called on President John Mahama to sack the Chief Executive of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Dr. Stephen K. Opuni and hand him over to the police for detention.

He said Dr. Opuni has failed to prove to Ghanaians his claims fake drugs importtion by the Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Limited, which has created a lot controversy in the country.

Speaking Monday on Adom FM’s “Dwaso Nsem” morning show, Mr. Owusu said “Dr. Opuni must be arrested immediately…”

He emphasized that if the alleged fake anti-malarial drug, Gsunate Plus Supporsitory, was indeed manufactured by Bliss GVS Pharma Limited in India and imported into Ghana on the blind side of the FDA, then the police must arrest the FDA Boss for failing to let his men stop the drug from getting onto the market.

The PPP man said the FDA has representatives at the country’s various entry points and ports, and they should have known better before allowing the alleged fake drug to enter the country.

Currently, Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Limited has applied for an interim injunction on the FDA to restrain the regulator from further destroying products of the company until the final determination of the court suit, or until an empirical test proves the drugs are fake.

The Fast Track High Court has thus fixed October 16, 2013 to hear the case.

In its statement of claim, Tobinco said the company had been engaged in the pharmaceutical business for the past 13 years during which period it established a business relationship with Bliss GVS Pharma in India.

The company also suspects the FDA is purposively picking on Tobinco because Bliss GVS also supplies drugs to several other pharmaceutical companies in Ghana and yet the FDA had ignored all those and is destroying the products and the image of Tobinco.




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